is a resource for gay friendly and gay owned businesses and organizations based in the city of Portland, Oregon. The website features a localized advice column, where people can seek advice, or ask questions pertaining to life, the universe, and just about anything they want to ask. The guys of Gay Portland are smart and definitely have the answer!

Token rainbow stickers on bumpers and back windshields of cars; on bicycles; on license plate holders, are commonplace in the city of Portland. Rainbow flags are scattered all over the city on businesses, establishments, restaurants, and houses. A popular local gay newspaper called Just Out can be found at various mainstream stores, shops, and hang outs. The Gay and Lesbian Yellowpages can be bought from every other block in downtown Portland.

Portland City has a very active night life with lots of gay and lesbian bars, restaurants, dance clubs, cafes etc. Gay pride parade in Portland is in June, and is happily attended by big crowds -- usually an all-weekend party at the waterfront overlooking the river of Willamette.

The city also has an active and thriving PFLAG organization. PFLAG National, formerly Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays, is a support group that focuses on helping parents and friends of gay youth to talk about important issues associated with homosexuality.

The gay and lesbian community in Portland, OR is growing, and bursting with optimism for the future. aims to be there and be part of the entire process. For those who are interested to help shape and build the community, they can contact the website at Useful contributions such as reviews, written content, and data entry are all welcome.